Audit Committee

The audit committee currently consists of our independent directors who are independent under Rule 10A-3 under the Exchange Act as well as the independence standards of the Taiwan Stock Exchange listing rules, and are financially literate with accounting or related financial management expertise.

Our audit committee charter provides for the audit committee to assist our board of directors in its oversight of (i) the integrity of our financial statements, (ii) the qualifications, independence and performance of our independent auditor and (iii) our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and provides for the duties and responsibilities set out in Rule 10A-3 under the Exchange Act.

Compensation Committee

Our board of directors established a compensation committee pursuant to ROC Securities Exchange Act. Our board of directors has adopted a compensation committee charter for our compensation committee. The compensation committee has responsibility for, among other things, setting forth and reviewing policies, systems, standards and structures regarding performance evaluation and compensation of the directors, supervisors and managerial personnel, and evaluating compensation of the directors and managerial personnel.

Risk Management Committee

Our board of directors is the highest decision-making unit for risk management and approves major decisions related to risk management based on business strategy and environmental changes.  In December 2019, our board of directors established a risk management committee and approved its Charter.  Our risk management committee currently consists of two independent directors and one committee member.  The risk management committee files an annual report to our board of directors to inform the board about status of risk management implementation and share insights for optimization.  ASEH also request its major subsidiaries to establish group level risk management unit in charge of it's subsidiaries' risk management which shall be responsible to the risk management committee.


Name Audit Committee Compensation Committee Risk Management Committee
Shen-Fu Yu (Independent Director)
V (Chair) V (Chair) V (Chair)
Ta-Lin Hsu (Independent Director)
Mei-Yueh Ho (Independent Director )
Hsiao-Ying Ku
Du-Tsuen Uang